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When a service provider’s operational expenses are under scrutiny, increasing permanent headcount can be difficult. External consulting services may be the best path forward. They can reduce time to market for a new technology, add capacity over a short duration when hiring permanent staff would be impractical, and introduce your team to best practices from around the world.

TEOCO’s Radio Access Network (RAN) Services provide you with a cost-effective team of experts, along with our proven network-enhancing solutions. Our record of success is based upon several key factors; unbiased independent advice, access to our extensive portfolio of tools, global experience, and the fact we recognize the unique aspects of each network. Our RAN Services help ensure each of our customers can stay ahead in a highly competitive marketplace; enhancing their network, maximizing ROI and delivering real value to their customers.

With hundreds of planning, optimization and refarming projects delivered within the past 5 years, along with a number of fully managed service engagements, our RAN Services team has a proven track record of delivering successful projects and providing measurable value to our customers. Our comprehensive portfolio of planning, optimization, configuration, geo-analytics and service assurance tools assist us in delivering high quality, vendor-independent consultancy services.

TEOCO offers a broad portfolio of tools-driven services, spanning network audit, planning and optimization, and day-to-day operations.


Our RAN Services are delivered as packaged solutions; a powerful combination of tools, methodology and people, leveraging global best practices.

We deliver a competitive advantage to your engineering team by combining our advanced vendor agnostic solution sets for network planning, optimization, configuration and refarming, with our years of expertise and well-defined methodology, all tailored to your timeframes and according to your needs. Our extensive multi-vendor experience allows us to share best practices from market leaders around the globe, and our offshore capabilities help ensure our deliveries are timely and cost-effective.

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For over 25 years, TEOCO has helped network operators run state-of-the-art networks and profitable businesses. Learn how we can help you in the areas critical to the success of modern CSPs.

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