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At TEOCO, we want to make it easy for service providers to benefit from our market-leading network analytics software solutions in ways that work best for them. For many, this includes transitioning to a private cloud environment – but some CSPs don’t want to strain their internal IT resources or lack the in-house expertise.

With the TEOCO Network Analytics Cloud, our experts handle all the time consuming details by designing, managing, and maintaining your private cloud environment on your behalf, so you always have access to the compute resources needed for optimal results.


We do the IT heavy lifting

The TEOCO Network Analytics Cloud is a secure, private cloud environment created just for you. – without the need for costly, long-term hardware investments or tying up internal IT resources.

Your private cloud comes with all the required hardware and services needed, including servers, storage, and networking – all based within a secure Data Center hosting facility. We provide the highest standards of security and availability, ensuring 24X7 access for authorized users. We’ll even monitor and troubleshoot issues as they arise – allowing your IT team to focus on other projects. This provides another layer of agility, and more options for efficient IT management.


Gain greater insight into your network investments, while also reducing risk

Meet today’s new operational challenges of faster network and service deployments, greater security, and improved data redundancy. With the shift to 5G Standalone and increased automation, the TEOCO Network Analytics Cloud helps CSPs transform their network by consolidating existing OSS systems onto a private cloud environment. All without the risks of rushing into unnecessary long term financial investments and unwanted organizational change required by other private cloud options.

TEOCO provides a wide range of network planning and optimization software solutions that can be supported within your new private cloud environment:

LTE & 5G radio network planning

LTE & 5G analytics-based radio network optimization

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TEOCO Network Analytics Cloud: Start transforming your operational processes and unlock a world of opportunities for optimizing your organization and your network resources.

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