The world’s ability to communicate and share information relies upon a sophisticated web of undersea cables. Supporting over 99% of all trans-oceanic data, these cables are the lifeblood of international commerce, communications, and the internet itself.

Submarine cables are valuable assets. However, deciding exactly where to place them is no simple task. Protecting and monitoring their health and performance can be even more complicated.

TEOCO has developed a suite of solutions and services that protect and optimize the valuable submarine cable assets of some of the world’s largest hyperscale data centers and communication providers.



Submarine Cable Optimization Engine (SCOPE) provides detailed information and recommendations on where to route undersea cables.

SCOPE is the first and only tool that automates and simplifies the entire process of submarine cable route planning and optimization. What normally takes months of manual effort can now be completed in just a few hours.

Using the latest machine learning techniques to achieve the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective submarine cable deployments possible, SCOPE recommends the best undersea path by collecting and analyzing:

  • Physical data on seabed terrains
  • Earthquake risks and other seismic hazards
  • Locations of existing cables and pipes
  • Territorial waters
  • Economic zones
  • Marine heritage sites
  • Potential piracy threats

SCOPE eliminates the time-consuming process of manually planning routes that must overcome these layered complexities, ensuring a safe home for your valuable submarine cables.




PRIDE is a service offering by TEOCO that maximizes the lifespan of each submarine cable once it is placed and reduces repair costs by continuously monitoring for activities that could cause damage.

Hundreds of undersea cable breaks occur every year, often due to fishing activities or ship anchors dragging across the sea floor. When this happens, entire countries can be left without connectivity. Repairs can take weeks and cost millions of dollars, and that doesn’t include lost revenue or the downstream impact to others due to loss of service.

Risk assessment and prevention are key for the successful avoidance of costly subsea cable repairs and service disruptions. Using advanced heuristics and AI/ML algorithms, PRIDE continuously monitors and assesses risk factors so that damage can be reduced, and likely perpetrators can be quickly identified and alerted, averting damage before it happens.


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