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Our top priority is our customers’ continued success. We know that the products and services TEOCO provides are critical to our customers’  business, and we are committed to providing customers with the best available support. The success of our customer support is predicated  on accurately and effectively tracking and resolving all reported  incidents and inquiries. Quality of service is the heart of our  Customer Support process.

Our Customer Support Team provides you with first-level support for product issues and acts as the clearinghouse for all customer support requests. The Customer Support Team is responsible for the coordination between the customer and TEOCO to ensure a timely and appropriate resolution to all customer support requests.

If you are a current TEOCO customer and need to enter a support request, please click on the Customer Support Portal link below to log into the  Support Portal. If you do not have a Support Portal account, please  contact your Account Manager.

Customer support portals:

TEOCO product support portal (excluding planning and performance management products)

TEOCO planning and performance management support portal

CAPESSO for Planet please contact:

For all other inquires please contact:

The Customer Support Portals are the primary mechanism for  reporting issues or questions related to your solutions. In certain circumstances, TEOCO may provide additional email and phone support options, per contracted agreements with customers. Please consult your support agreement to determine when and if you should be using these additional support options. If you have any questions, please contact  your account or project manager.

For information about our Customer Support Process please download the Customer Support Guide.

For information about our Customer Support Portal please download the Customer Support Portal Guide.

For Routing Optimization, RAN Optimization, or Service Assurance phone support

In the US (Toll Free): 1-866-884-8324

Global Toll Access: +1-770-206-4710

Europe: +972-3-926-9777

Caribbean and Latin America: +1-305-471-1164 (RAN Optimization only)


For Cost Management and Analytics phone support

(Available only when the Support Portal and email options are unavailable)

In the US (Toll Free): 1-888-TO-TEOCO (1-888-868 3626)

Global Toll Access: +1-703-259-4472


To access the customer resources page from the previous TEOCO website please click the link below.

Customer resources page

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