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Analytics has become a vital tool for the modern communication service provider (CSP).

As CSPs continue to evolve towards becoming 5G digital service providers (DSPs), delivering on the discovery of key data insights enables the optimization of all aspects of their business.

Mining value from mountains of data through predictive and prescriptive analytics helps to maximize network and business performance.

In recent years, TEOCO has made a series of strategic investments, focused on expanding our solutions and services to better leverage our analytical heritage. This now allows us to provide the value of big data analytics across all four of our key business areas: Business Solutions, Radio Access Network (RAN) Solutions, Service Assurance and Device and IoT.



For over 20 years, TEOCO has focused on servicing CSPs with analytical business support system (BSS) applications. In fact, we pioneered the use of big data financial analytics to better understand cost, revenue and margin performance of partners, services, and ultimately individual customers.
TEOCO’s Business Analytics solutions provide a granular view of subscriber information, network data and business transactions; enabling CSPs to increase revenues, expand margins and maximize profitability. Overall, our financial subject matter expertise enables us to power better insights and formulate cost-saving recommendations.

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Subscriber analytics is a vital tool for the modern communication service provider (CSP); delivering insights into subscriber behavior and helping to enhance the customer experience. It enables you to truly set yourself apart from competition.

TEOCO provides two approaches for gaining the insights you require to fully understand your subscribers: a network-based approach and a device-based approach. Each approach can be used in a standalone manner to achieve specific objectives, or they can be combined to provide a complete 360-degree picture.

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As CSPs strive to better understand subscriber behavior and data consumption trends to prepare their networks for the future, they find themselves needing to analyze ever expanding volumes of data. This data overload often stretches the capabilities of existing systems and threatens to erode operational efficiency.

Making sense of this mountain of data requires an analytics tool designed for today’s complex network environments. But even then, it is important to focus on key objectives. At TEOCO, we have several solutions targeting the specific challenges network engineers face.

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Tomorrow’s top service providers will be those that can deliver cost-effective, high-quality digital services. The ability to automate and optimize service assurance has become critical to cope with the increase in complexity and data volumes in the lead up to 5G. To get there, Helix Analytics has incorporated AI and Machine-Learning capabilities that enable CSPs to automate and optimize their operations and engineering processes.

Helix Analytics includes both predictive and reactive machine learning tools. From detecting anomalies and prioritizing alarms, to automating root-cause analysis and predicting service impact – Helix helps reduce the amount of data that needs to be acted upon, and the time and effort it takes to fix network outages.

Networks are changing, and service assurance tools must change as well. Let us become your essential partner in process automation; improving operational efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.

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Our continued focus on innovation keeps TEOCO on the cutting edge of the latest technologies and industry advancements. TEOCO was the world’s first Netezza production deployment, years before it was acquired by IBM. Today we still lead the telecommunications industry in big data analytics. In 2018, TEOCO became the first to use Yellowbrick Data MPP (massive parallel processing) database appliance in a production environment. This cutting-edge technology is being used today for our Business Analytics big data platform.

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