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SmartHub Platform

SmartHub is TEOCO’s technology enabler for our Business Solutions portfolio, which optimizes business performance across service providers’ operational and business support systems, including Finance, Engineering, Customer Care and Marketing.

Leveraging 25-plus years of subject matter expertise, TEOCO continuously researches and innovates. We leverage groundbreaking technologies to bring products and solutions to market that target specific business challenges and deliver a proven return on investment.

SmartHub provides actionable and measurable insights into three critical areas of your business: finance, network, and customers. By uncovering macro, and finitely granular, business insights, we help you increase revenues and expand profit margins, with a focus on maximizing the lifetime profitability of your customers – for true end-to-end business assurance.

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For over 25 years, TEOCO has helped network operators run state-of-the-art networks and profitable businesses. Learn how we can help you in the areas critical to the success of modern CSPs.

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