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Trunk and Circuit Analytics

TEOCO’s Trunk and Circuit Analytics solutions help improve service provider profitability by delivering intelligent insights into network trunk utilization and circuit costs.

The oversupply of network trunk capacity can result in unnecessary costs and capital spend. But not providing enough capacity could create a poor subscriber experience, resulting in revenue loss and potential churn. In fact, not investing in enough capacity could even increase costs – because the ideal least cost route might be overloaded.

Not having sufficient insight and a comprehensive understanding of circuit term plans can result in hidden costs that impact profitability.

Trunk and Circuit Analytics solutions help carriers find the balance between oversupply and undersupply of trunk capacity and assure circuit costs and revenue.

TrUNC (Trunk Analytics)

TrUNC is an end-to-end trunk analytics solution that leverages historic trunk performance and utilization data to automate recommendations for future capacity requirements; helping to maintain optimal network capacity in a cost-effective manner.

NEO (Circuit Analytics Application)

Network Evolution & Optimization (NEO) is a circuit analytics application which enriches, normalizes and consolidates circuit information from disparate data sources; identifying discrepancies to uncover cost savings and revenue opportunities.

Key Benefits

    • End-to-end visibility of network capacity, utilization & costs.
    • Manage network costs by introducing new capacity at optimal times, incorporating term plans.
    • Automatically identify cost reduction opportunities that lead to increased margins.
    • Support for TDM and SIP networks.
    • Maximize grade of service (GOS) with automated trunk planning recommendations for the augmentation or decommissioning of network resources.
    • Automated user alerts and notifications to identify underutilized trunks, and overflow calls that can lead to high-cost interconnect routes.


  • Forecasting – Fully integrates historic performance reports and forecasts trunk utilization.
  • Capacity Alerts – Configurable alert threshold settings result in automated notifications and recommendations of trunk grooming and expansion needs.
  • Ad hoc Analysis – Flexible web user interface to search and explore data and create ad-hoc reports and KPIs.
  • Expense Management – Incorporating trunk contract terms and least cost routing information allows operators to understand future network expenses.
  • Workflow Management – Supports inventory configuration management with request and approval workflow to commission or decommission trunks.


NEO Analytics helps service providers to better manage their network facility costs – highlighting opportunities, identifying problem areas, and improving margins by correlating and analyzing revenue, costs and network assets. The solution applies customer specific business rules, paired with TEOCO’s subject matter expertise and best practices gleaned from decades of industry experience. NEO highlights areas where business focus is required

  • Network Cost Management – effectively manage facility costs
  • Facility & Network Optimization – optimize your network
  • Margin Management – reconcile revenue with network costs and network assets


Perform multi-way data reconciliations, transforming cost, inventory, site, revenue and other network data into a Unified Circuit View. This holistic approach provides actionable intelligence on unused, underutilized, incorrectly billed, and high-dollar special access facilities.

The power behind NEO Analytics comes from its ability to perform intelligent and sophisticated data matching, thanks to business-based algorithms designed to cleanse and reconcile data. This provides you with a 360° view of network facilities along their entire value chain – from initial investment costs to the revenue generated.



NEO Analytics is a modular application. Its flexibility allows you to target specific, functional business problems – while providing the ability to add-on additional modules as needed. Building in value, module by module:

  • NEO for Cost Analytics identifies stranded assets, cost savings opportunities, and assigns costs to network assets.
  • NEO for Inventory Analytics identifies network optimization opportunities, aligns billed and physical network inventory, and provides hierarchical assignments and views.
  • NEO for Margin Analytics identifies revenue opportunities, obtains insights into customer and product revenue, and aligns revenue with circuit costs.

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