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The quest for increased automation is gaining major momentum in the telecom industry. Most service providers already view automation as a strategic goal that will produce significant cost savings. But in fact, it is about much more than cost savings. Automation helps service providers improve operational accuracy, streamline operations, increase service agility, minimize customer churn and achieve a competitive edge in a crowded market.


Radio Network Planning Automation

Radio network planning automation is all about the ability of network engineering departments to deliver better network designs, more efficiently.

For many years, TEOCO has been equipping our ASSET Suite of network planning tools with powerful automation capabilities to ensure planning engineers deliver high-performance, cost-effective network designs in an efficient manner.

Some benefits of our network planning automation capabilities include:

  • Improved speed and quality of network design – By leveraging sophisticated algorithms, network designers can rely on automation to plan and manage their future network infrastructure requirements with greater accuracy and less manual effort, ensuring they deliver a high-performance network with no wasted spend.
  • Improved alignment to business objectives – By combining intelligent what-if analysis, network usage data and strategic business objectives, automation can deliver network designs devoid of the variability expected from human-based designs, and with more real-world alignment to the goals of the network operator.
  • Efficient workflows and business processes – Network planning can benefit from enrichment via external data sources in the same way that network planning data can be valuable to other areas of the business too. Automation of upstream and downstream data sharing via API’s delivers business process efficiency to both the planning department and the wider business.

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Service Assurance Automation

Service Assurance automation is about the ability to provide better service to customers by predicting and preventing potential issues in advance, and resolving those issues more quickly, by leveraging automation to its fullest potential.

TEOCO has been investing in service assurance automation tools for several years. Our Helix Service Assurance solution includes a set of powerful integrated capabilities that help network and service operations center teams to automate network alarm management and performance monitoring processes.

These advanced automation tools support numerous use cases in several application categories:

  • Prediction – Helix automatically predicts and detects future network faults and failures, helping service providers to proactively fix problems before they even happen.
  • Fault monitoring – For automated alarm normalization, enrichment, and escalation.
  • Ticketing – As soon as an alarm is triggered and escalated, the ticketing system can automatically open a trouble ticket and start orchestrating the corresponding flow of actions.
  • Correlation – Automatically filter and correlate alarms across different domains and analyze how faults impact services and customers. Machine-learning root-cause analysis is used to automatically identify the source of problems.
  • Resolution – Based on the insights gained throughout the process, faults are automatically corrected so function can be restored.

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TEOCO utilizes BOTs in our Cost Management and Revenue Assurance solutions to improve business efficiencies and reduce human errors. Software robots (BOTs) help to free up high-value resources to work on high-value tasks. BOTs are powered by Machine Learning, NLP (natural language processing) and simple rule-based algorithms. Business process improvements through use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology also provides a window of insight to future artificial intelligence (AI) workers.

BOTs automate repeatable human tasks. They never get tired, work 24/7 and never miss a day of work.

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Networks today require millions of configuration settings to support a mix of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies. 5G deployments will create networks that are double in size, in order to deliver on the growing consumer demand for more data. 5G network slicing will introduce yet another level of complexity. Both the increase of network size and the introduction of new 5G digital services will result in 2-3 times more configuration settings, on top of an already complex configuration challenge.

The ability to identify network integrity issues can be improved by automating the monitoring, auditing, updating and reporting of network configurations. With information available at your fingertips- from reports, dashboards and notifications – mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) can be improved. The automation of network configuration audits frees up engineering time for higher-value tasks.

With automated ‘zero-touch network write’ capabilities, new network elements can be activated and managed automatically.

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Industries today are becoming more and more complex. 5G digital services will add yet another level of complexity. Automation is required to help service providers cope with this rise in complexity and data volumes, and help drive down operational costs. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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