New features enable operators to run dimensioning scenarios for next-generation 5G networks based on expected network characteristics

FAIRFAX, VA., USA – 1 September  2016 – TEOCO, the leading provider of engineering, assurance and analytics solutions to communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide, today announced that ASSET Design, its automated network design tool, can now be used by operators to evaluate 5G deployment scenarios based on current and forthcoming network technologies. ASSET Design’s features now enable operators to both optimize the performance of their existing 4G networks, and to also design early 5G networks – all in a single, seamless process.

ASSET Design’s features allow operators to create new 5G network designs that take into consideration  ultra-dense, low-power sites that use frequency bands ranging from 3.5 GHz to 60 GHz. Operators can select and create these sites according to a range of complex criteria, including financial ROI information on a per site basis: existing 4G geo-located traffic, existing backhaul sites, and very accurate propagation modeling that uses high resolution map data and building information.

ASSET Design can also assess the anticipated effect of 5G frequency bands in relation to the number of cells needed in order for the network to run efficiently and effectively. For example, it can estimate the number of sites required at 3.5GHz versus those required at 28GHz. As a result, network operators can use TEOCO’s 5G ASSET Design tool to structure and plan 5G networks to reach specific key business and technical objectives, for example:

  • Offloading traffic – automatically offload or redirect traffic when breaching pre-set network traffic limits, maintaining maximum coverage and minimizing interference on the operator’s network
  • Capture revenue – capture the traffic from revenue-rich locations in the network where subscriber APRU levels are highest

“Although it’s early days, operators are already thinking about their 5G network strategies,” said Daniel Ramirez, Director of Planning Products at TEOCO. “5G will largely be an evolution of today’s LTE networks. However, a significant difference is that 5G networks will be much denser and more complex. With ASSET Design’s powerful features, it is possible to perform early modeling of 5G networks that will enable operators to get ahead of the curve in preparing for and planning their next generation networks.”

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