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A network plan is never static. As traffic grows and moves, a network’s design needs tweaking; plugging coverage holes and adding capacity where required. Additionally, new technologies such as 5G need to be deployed on top of existing networks in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. This requires careful planning, especially when technology layers are expected to work together as a seamless network.

The key to deploying a cost-effective, high performing network is understanding demand – and how best to address it. Modern network planning is much more than just macro-cells. In-building coverage, small cells, backhaul, multi-height coverage and capacity all need to be considered, especially now that 5G is finally here. Even then, questions remain around everything from selecting the right 5G business model, to strategy, timing and ROI. Above all, 5G networks require efficient planning.

Asset Suite

The ASSET Suite is a comprehensive planning portfolio designed to deliver cost-effective high performance networks for 2G/3G/4G and 5G.

The products within the ASSET Suite cover radio, backhaul and capacity planning across a wide range of technologies. Key to the success of the ASSET suite of products is its ability to seamlessly integrate into your wider business, delivering business process automation and improving overall planning efficiency and accuracy.

  • Understand traffic demand by leveraging crowdsourced data, geolocated traffic data and performance and configuration management network data
  • Address all aspects of network planning: macro, small cell, backhaul, multi-height coverage and capacity and automated design optimization
  • Deliver 5G: validate business cases, model scenarios and plan 5G networks

ASSET Suite Brochure

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