SmartCM is a configuration management and site integration tool. It maintains network integrity by automating the monitoring, auditing, updating and reporting on cell site configurations.

As networks are expanded and optimized, it is critical to validate that configuration changes made to the Radio Access Network (RAN) are accurate. This helps ensure a healthy network and excellent customer quality of experience are maintained.

  • Are you confident your radio network is configured as you intended? Misconfiguration is one of the primary causes of poor network performance, leading to increased churn.
  • Are you able to identify network configuration issues that could be causing a loss of revenue? Often these issues are not reflected in performance statistics.
  • Are you confident that the network changes suggested by your planning and optimization solutions have been correctly implemented in the network? If not, your investment in these tools is being wasted.
  • Are you able to quickly generate error-free site transcripts for new 5G site deployments? In the race to capture market share and maintain competitive advantage, time-to-market is critical.

SmartCM allows engineers to monitor and improve network quality by providing visibility to the live network configuration and comparing it against the desired network baseline. This highlights configuration discrepancies – a primary cause of poor network performance. And is able to generate error-free site integration transcripts at the click of a button, significantly reducing engineering effort during network deployments.

Additionally, SmartCM ensures network integrity is maintained by continuously auditing and monitoring all network changes made by engineers, tools, and even managed service providers. It is vendor and technology-agnostic, supporting GSM, UMTS, LTE  and 5G network infrastructure from all the major network equipment vendors.

SmartCM provides a full range of workflow capabilities with decades of expertise built-in, saving CSPs and network equipment manufacturers massive amounts of time and countless headaches.

For over 5 years, Analysys Mason has consistently ranked TEOCO as one of the largest vendors of network planning and optimization software in their Service Design and Orchestration Systems: Worldwide Market Shares report.

Key Benefits

    • Understand your network configuration health, monitor mean time to resolution (MTTR) of revenue-impacting configuration problems, audit managed service providers for configuration accuracy, and roll-out SLA compliance initiatives.
    • Tight control of configuration management delivers a stable Radio Access Network. This leads to improved quality of experience (QoE) – reducing subscriber churn and improving ARPU.
    • Proactive information delivery via reports and dashboards improves MTTR, which means engineers spend less time troubleshooting and more time optimizing the network.
    • SmartCM supports all major network equipment vendors and technologies, providing configuration management of the entire network from within a single tool, with all interdependencies accounted for.
    • With a local presence through 26 offices in 15 countries across all regions of the world, and a customer base that includes over 300 operators, TEOCO has the scale, expertise and local staff to support you.
    • TEOCO is a well-established and profitable company with a long track record of success. We are not just a planning company, we understand all aspects of your business and build our tools with that in mind.

Use Cases

SmartCM provides visibility into the configuration health of your radio access network.

What Our Clients Say

“We’re proud to say that we have the best performing mobile network in Austria. Receiving industry accolades is gratifying but is ultimately the result of sustained investment and ongoing collaboration with highly valued partners like TEOCO. We have benefited from TEOCO’s expertise for a while and have been delighted with the performance of its SmartCM solution. Extending its capabilities to our 5G network was a very easy decision to make.”

Helmut Lehermayr, Vice President Radio & Transmission Networks, Magenta Telekom

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