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Geolocation is the estimation of the real-world geographic location of an object. When it comes to mobile networks, this relates to the handset, or more generically, to the subscriber.

By applying advanced algorithms and enriched geographical data to event data being sent between the handset and the network, it is possible to accurately estimate the location of a subscriber.

Geolocating subscriber events provides engineers with a map-based visual representation of the subscriber experience, as well as network traffic and performance data. This enables many planning, network improvement, troubleshooting and subscriber analytics use cases.

Below are some of the ways we are leveraging our geolocation expertise to help customers improve their networks today:



With multiple technologies, vendors and layers within a network, engineers need an end-to-end solution to monitor both the network and the subscriber experience. Using a powerful optimization engine based on mobile measurements, Mentor delivers advanced RAN performance monitoring and optimization, deep-dive troubleshooting and subscriber experience visualization.

Network Optimization is the first area TEOCO leveraged the power of geolocation. Visualizing network experience information over maps provides a much more intuitive way to optimize and troubleshoot the network – and understand the subscriber experience.

A few ways in which Mentor leverages geolocation data:

  • Extensive traffic classifications allow engineers to filter geo maps to investigate specific issues, such as where indoor VoLTE calls are experiencing poor quality, or where high-speed calls are dropping.
  • Automatic Problem Detection uses geographical polygons to highlight where KPIs are being breached. Detected problems are assigned a severity level, enabling engineers to focus on the most severe service-affecting issues first.
  • Virtual drive tests reduce much of the need for engineers to collect time consuming drive test data for specific routes and help trouble shoot specific subscriber issues by analyzing call flows.

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Modern mobile networks generate vast amounts of valuable subscriber data. Geolocation information can be correlated to this data, potentially enabling a variety of engineering, customer care, marketing and monetization use cases. But just matching subscriber data to location isn’t enough. Engineers require actionable insights. Insights that highlight the root cause of network issues for rapid resolution, along with dashboards and reports that can be customized to specific needs.

Uncovering the true value of customer and network data requires advanced geo-analytics tools paired with sophisticated visualization capabilities. CogniSense was built to deliver on these requirements; providing geo-analytics dashboards with a high-level view of network, subscriber and device performance, and also the ability to drill-down into charts and detailed GIS data to troubleshoot or analyze specific, business-driven issues.

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Intense market competition means the budget available for network expansion is under severe pressure. Planning engineers need, more than ever, to determine the most profitable and efficient locations to deploy new sites.

With ASSET Geo, planning engineers can visualize geolocated traffic and performance data within ASSET Radio, our radio network planning tool, increasing the precision with which they can place new sites for coverage offload or to solve network performance issues. This ensures every new site delivers maximum return on investment.

When it comes to planning 5G networks, location matters. By filtering geolocated maps based on specific services, devices and users, a view can be gained of where 5G coverage will provide the most benefit, helping guide a significant number of planning and deployment initiatives.

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