A large operator in India with over 360 million subscribers supported by a 2G, 3G and 4G network utilizing four major radio equipment vendors.


Understanding the benefits of optimizing a network based on geolocation data, the customer was looking for a solution which could scale large enough to provide them with a stable and robust solution for daily optimization.

TEOCO’s Solution

TEOCO deployed Mentor to cover the East of the country (approximately 500,000 cells) and included all the necessary vendor interfaces.

Value Generated

The customer has realized significant value from a geolocation-based approach to optimization, analysis and troubleshooting; specifically in the area of correlating geo data with other data streams, most notably fault management. They have also made significant use of the device’s capability analysis and device benchmarking to optimize network parameters, aid in their work with device manufacturers to solve performance issues and identify poor performance in the network related to specific faulty handsets (so they can be replaced).