Turk Telekom is the third-largest operator in Turkey, with approximately 18.5 million subscribers. Their radio network contains equipment from three major vendors.


Turk Telekom required a wide area network optimization and geo-analytics solution to complement its SON solution. They were also interested in a solution that could support a broad spectrum of 2G optimization use cases, since their 2G network is still an important strategic asset.

TEOCO’s Solution

TEOCO provided the carrier with Mentor for 3G optimization and analytics, and Forte for 2G frequency planning, spectrum refarming, neighbor list optimization, load balancing and 2G network troubleshooting. Mentor’s Insight dashboards provide fast analysis of mobility, other dashboards, KPIs, subscribers and more. Their Mentor solution was upgraded to include 4G when their 4G network launched. An onsite TEOCO consultant was also part of the solution, helping with admin and operational tasks as well as ensuring Turk Telekom received the maximum value from the tool.

Value Generated

Mentor and Forte have been delivering optimization and geo-analytics for more than 6 years at Turk Telekom. Our wide area network optimization solutions have been an excellent complement to their SON system. Turk Telekom has been particularly impressed with their ability to troubleshoot customer affecting issues as well as added visibility of both network and user KPIs in multiple dimensions. Dashboards have also been useful for fast analysis of customer complaints and network degradations.