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The speed and growth of today’s new services introduces new risks to service provider revenue and increases the potential for fraud. Offerings have expanded to include video and media content, along with a multitude of new IoT and 5G services and new business models on the horizon.

TEOCO offers a holistic approach to revenue assurance through greater revenue visibility and the utilization of machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) to improve business efficiencies and eliminate human errors. This is especially important as carriers continue to offer increasingly complex services in their evolution towards becoming digital service providers (DSPs).

Today’s networks offer mountains of data, but intelligent insights are harder to come by. Service providers need an end-to-end, umbrella view of their entire revenue chain to identify and recover revenue leakage and detect fraud at its source. TEOCO’s Revenue Assurance solution provides the analytics and machine learning tools needed for detecting revenue leakage and fraud in today’s complex environments; delivering, protecting and maximizing the profitability of next-generation networks.

Key Benefits

    • Enhance revenue from your embedded subscriber base.
    • Well established partnerships with a successful track record.
    • Leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA), utilizing the latest Machine Learning & BOTS technologies.
    • Serving leading wireless, fixed, IoT & media companies. A holistic solution for end-to-end revenue visibility, recording and collection.


Continually optimize your revenue chain to improve the bottom line.

Mitigate revenue leakage by reconciling consumption, billing information, contract terms and serviced products.

Accelerate speed to market for new digital plans and services – with minimal revenue leakage.


Ensure invoices are fully validated against inventory expenditures.

  • Ordered but not Billed
  • Inventory to Billed Variance
  • Cancelled Disconnect
  • Stuck Orders


Adhere to contract terms and features.

  • Billing Frequency
  • Unbilled & Under billed Features
  • Term Rate Analysis
  • Quote vs. Order Variance


Actionable intelligence on customers and digital services.

  • Margin Analysis – Customer
  • Margin Analysis – Product
  • Maximize Rate Plan Profitability
  • Root Cause Analysis

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