A major Tier 1 North American telecommunications company that provides 2G, 3G, 4G mobile wireless services to their mobile virtual network operators across the United States.


Sensing an opportunity for growth into new, underserved markets, this service provider wanted to analyze the marketing efforts of their top three prepaid MVNO partners. These MVNOs represented over ten percent of the operator’s total customer base, with a combined 20 million+ subscribers.

TEOCO’s Solution

TEOCO performed a thorough analysis of each MVNO; analyzing call detail records, event detail records, price plans and subscriber revenue data in order to build detailed customer profiles. Through these efforts, TEOCO was able to identify several underserved markets. We then worked with the carrier to fine tune price plans, services and marketing efforts in order to better address these gaps. At the end of the analysis, the operator provided a comprehensive set of recommendations to their top three MVNOs, which led to significant adjustments in their marketing and business strategies.

Value Generated

TEOCO’s client added $1Billion in revenue over a five-year period. The carrier’s top three MVNO’s each increased their revenue by $5 Million – $20+ Million per month.