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TEOCO Revives Aircom Brand for Mobile Network Planning and Optimization

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TEOCO Joins MEF to Advance Digital Transformation

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TEOCO’s URS Selected by Bandwidth to Advance Its Toll-Free Routing Offering for Third-Party RespOrgs

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Market Leading Business Analytics: Helping Service Providers Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

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Teoco Products & Services

TEOCO’s portfolio of business, network and device solutions has helped more than 300 of the largest service providers in over 100 countries run their networks more efficiently and profitably, while delivering a better quality of service to their customers.

Through advanced analytics, TEOCO products provide actionable and measureable insights into network and customer behavior. This includes the optimization, effective monetization, and delivery of new and existing services, such as 5G.

Our commitment to network flexibility and agility makes TEOCO the obvious choice for CSPs looking to leverage NFV/SDN and the rise of 5G, and to maximize the revenue potential of new opportunities tied to the emerging Internet of Things (IoT).


For over 25 years, TEOCO has worked in partnership with network operators.  Gain insight from our experts by reading our white papers and viewing our videos.

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José Manuel Alvarez Díaz, Engineering and Optimization Manager at Telefonica’s Global CTO Unit

Network Optimization
Our experience working with TEOCO and using its optimization solutions has always been positive, TEOCO’s solutions offer the ideal blend of tools, expertize and scalability that meet Telefonica’s objectives for the delivery of an end-to-end solution ensuring minimum impact on network performance and user experience.

William Saad, Co-Founder and COO, IHS

Network Planning
By partnering with TEOCO and by leveraging its ASSET tool we are able to safeguard and extend the inherent benefits of tower sharing by ensuring our MNO customers derive maximum possible benefit from our infrastructure.

Driton Emini, Vice
President Next Generation Networks, T-Mobile Austria

Configuration Management
With SmartCM, we have a futureproof solution for our network configuration as we begin work on our 5G expansion. Our partnership with TEOCO gives us the speed and agility we need to continue to grow our business and maintain the highest quality of service.

Mete Arig, Chief Technology Officer, GEOCELL

Network Services
A highly professional team from TEOCO performed the (above) tasks and delivered the project as per our expectation. The quality of reporting and analysis were professional, informative and beneficial which helped us in improving the network planning and optimization methodology by implementing the recommendations made by TEOCO.

Paul W. Schieber Jr. VP & Controller, Sprint US

Business Solutions
In partnership with TEOCO, we have realized more than $2B in accumulated savings.

Jorge Graça, CTIO, NOS

Network Optimization
Our work with TEOCO has meant we can build an ecosystem of tools that can help us to constantly improve our network, from planning through to optimization and identifying new value creation streams.

Tier 1 US Operator

Network Planning
We have a longstanding, valued relationship with TEOCO. It was therefore a very easy decision to entrust the planning of our 5G infrastructure to TEOCO and its ASSET Radio planning tool.

Sebastien Bec, CTIO, Cable & Wireless Seychelles

Network Planning
Using the ASSET tool, we can deliver a reliable and first-rate quality of mobile service to our subscribers and also the many international visitors who visit our country, in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Our customers trust in our ability to analyse information, unveil profitable knowledge, and offer products that power smarter operations. At TEOCO, we are client-driven and committed to ensuring substantial return on investment for every project. We truly believe that your success is ours, and we constantly innovate to make sure that you stay at the forefront of industry trends.

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