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Cell Tower Planning and Assurance

There are an estimated 4.3 million telecom towers around the world. Without them, the mobile connectivity we all depend upon wouldn’t be possible. But the tower industry itself is quickly evolving. Recognizing that mobile network operators (MNOs) need to focus on their core business and maintain their focus on customers and fulfilling consumer demands, Tower Companies have developed a business model to help MNOs achieve operational excellence.

Independent tower companies now own and manage most of the world’s tower infrastructure, creating a global uptick in mergers and acquisitions, along with a rise in colocation efforts and the consolidation of assets as the tower landscape undergoes this seismic shift.

The telecom tower industry has taken on a long list of responsibilities, including acquisition and development, site analysis, permitting, tower construction, fiber rollout, equipment installation, operations and maintenance, and energy management. This can be incredibly challenging and costly to manage.

MNOs depend upon these resources as the heart and soul of their operations and they have high expectations, especially when it comes to reliability, quality, and performance.

Here’s how TEOCO helps tower companies improve service performance, rein in costs, and keep their MNO customers happy:


Infrastructure Planning

RAN Planning and Optimization

Juggling RF coverage, capacity, cell parameters and neighbor planning for multiple mobile networks is no easy task.  5G brings added challenges, including the need to create advanced propagation models and complex antenna arrays. TEOCO has spent the last 20 years developing and delivering the best network planning tools for every major mobile technology.

Learn how we can help plan and optimize your tower investments with ASSET.
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Configuration Management

With the complexity of today’s networks, It is essential to validate that any configuration changes are effective, and don’t inadvertently create problems in other areas. TEOCO provides the ability do this within a single tool, across multiple vendors, equipment, and technologies – helping to save hours of wasted time and frustration, not to mention lost revenue. Avoid complications and mishaps before they happen.

Learn more about our RAN configuration management solution, SmartCM.
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Service Assurance for Macrocells

Monitoring and Assurance

Tower operators want to ensure around-the-clock, peak performance from their capital investments, and that they are meeting the service level agreements of their MNO customers. The ability to automatically identify and locate the root cause of network problems using sophisticated analytics and machine learning algorithms means less network downtime, and happier customers. TEOCO’s service assurance software is trusted by many of the leading mobile network operators around the globe.

Learn more about our service assurance solutions suite, Helix.

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The design, optimization, and monitoring of tower infrastructure and radio networks has become incredibly complex, requiring world-class tools and expertise.

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