A Tier 1 North American telecommunications company providing broadband internet service and 2G, 3G, 4G mobile wireless services. The company also offers wholesale wireless voice, messaging, and broadband services to many mobile virtual network operators across the United States.


This operator was under intense financial pressure at a time when revenues remained relatively flat across the industry. The TEOCO Business Solutions team focused on identifying ways to reduce expenses and increase margins for this customer.

TEOCO’s Solution

TEOCO’s engagement was broadly divided into three areas of focus: cost management, event analytics and network optimization. While each of these areas was being addressed with various point solutions from our portfolio, the real value came from the holistic view that the combined solutions enabled. Each step provided more clarity and insight, to the point where a new level of business value was created that extended well beyond the individual areas of focus. Helping the customer to make wise large capital investment decisions and grow their network capacity in ways that were fiscally sound – from both network coverage and a business perspective – allowed them to increase margins and maximize their return on investment.

Value Generated

Over the years, TEOCO established a true partnership with this Operator, developing an intimate knowledge of their technology, customers, suppliers, and objectives. TEOCO’s unique understanding of both their technology and their business allowed us to provide the right mix of expertise and solutions to uncover maximum cost savings.

“In partnership with TEOCO, we have realized more than $2B in accumulated savings” – February 2019