Combining analysis of mobile handset and network data to determine true customer experience

Fairfax, VA., USA – 4 June 2019.  TEOCO, the leading provider of planning & optimization, assurance and analytics solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide, today announced the acquisition of CIQUAL Limited, a quality of experience (QoE) measurement solutions provider to global CSPs, regulators and enterprises. By integrating CIQUAL assets across its solutions portfolio, TEOCO will have an unrivalled view of real mobile experience, adding data taken directly from the mobile handset, to the broad data source TEOCO already extracts from network elements.

CIQUAL measures the true QoE of a user’s mobile service from end-device to service. The organization enables global CSPs, regulators and enterprises to identify, verify and resolve individual customer issues by correlating and predicting network, device and service data in real-time. This will deliver enhanced levels of network and device QoE measurement and monitoring for TEOCO’s RAN planning and optimization and service assurance solutions, offering a unique window into true end-user experience and feedback.

CIQUAL’s technology has formed part of the TEOCO Digital Analytics solution. It will now be better integrated into other capabilities including financial analytics, revenue assurance and the full suite of MNO/MVNO solutions. CIQUAL’s handset data analysis offers value to MVNOs that don’t have access to supporting network data. Intelligence on the real service experience their customers receive identifies issues they’d otherwise miss and provide incentives for proactive offers for new tariffs and replacement devices.

“CSPs, regulators and enterprises around the world are contemplating the arrival of 5G and widespread deployment of IoT applications,” said Atul Jain, CEO at TEOCO. “If organizations are to deliver, and benefit from these services, they must be able to correlate and predict data from the end user’s smart device to get the insight into real user experience and trends. The acquisition of CIQUAL expands TEOCO’s data capability in-house to include smart device data that enriches all our products and solutions in Business Analytics, RAN and Service Assurance. We can offer our clients correlated insights of real service experience to drive effective business decisions with the end user in mind.”