Membership will foster blockchain-enabled solutions driving network-as-a-service.

FAIRFAX, VA., USA – 21 May, 2024 – TEOCO, the leading provider of analytics and optimization solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide, today announced it has joined MEF. MEF is a global industry association of network, cloud, security, and technology providers accelerating enterprise digital transformation.

“A membership in MEF offers an opportunity to engage in business-driven collaboration with leading global organizations. Together, we enable dynamic, trusted, and certified services that empower enterprises to embrace their own digital transformation and grow their business. We welcome TEOCO as the newest addition to our growing, vibrant community of MEF members who are working to progress our MEF 3.0 Global Services Framework,” said Nan Chen, CEO, MEF.

As a leading global industry association and standards body, MEF offers the foundational framework that drives the development and adoption of essential elements for automating business and operational interactions between telecom buyers and sellers. As a member, TEOCO’s goal is to help enable seamless billing processes and efficient dispute resolutions built upon MEF’s vision of creating an automated ecosystem of service providers powered by standardized APIs and blockchain-enabled technology to support the growth and adoption of Network-as-a-Service.

“We are eager to engage with the MEF community and begin collaborating to address the industry’s business challenges to empower enterprise digital transformation,” said Faye Henris, Executive Vice President, TEOCO. “Joining MEF represents TEOCO’s capacity to support some of telecom’s toughest use cases and enable carriers to interact more seamlesssly.”

About MEF
MEF is a global industry association of network, cloud, security, and technology providers working together to accelerate enterprise digital transformation through a better-together ecosystem. MEF delivers service standards, LSO frameworks and APIs, and training and certification programs for services, technologies, APIs, and professionals. The MEF 3.0 Framework enables automated delivery of standardized Carrier Ethernet, IP, Optical Transport, SD-WAN, SASE, and other services across multiple provider networks. For more information and to hear the latest Executives at the Edge podcast visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.