RAN configuration management tool will support the roll out of differentiated 5G services across Austria

Fairfax, VA., USA – 11 February 2020.  TEOCO, the leading provider of planning & optimization, assurance and analytics solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide, today announced that Magenta Telekom, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary formerly called T-Mobile Austria, will extend its deployment of TEOCO’s SmartCM solution to support its nationwide 5G network deployment. TEOCO’s next-generation Radio Access Network (RAN) configuration management tool will be key in helping Magenta Telekom deliver unrivalled quality of service (QoS) to its 5.02 million mobile customers.

TEOCO’s SmartCM solution was first implemented by Magenta Telekom in 2018 and covered its 2G, 3G and 4G network assets. The extension of SmartCM onto Magenta Telekom’s 5G network will provide the operator with a holistic configuration management tool, whereby engineering teams will be able to access a vendor-agnostic centralized view of its entire network. SmartCM also allows the operator to automatically monitor and audit the accuracy of its network configuration, proactively highlight discrepancies and ease the process of network reconfiguration. Furthermore, 5G advancements within the SmartCM solution will enable Magenta Telekom to benefit from zero-touch process automation for network configuration. This will deliver new levels of process efficiency within the network configuration ecosystem, further improving the 5G customer experience.

TEOCO’s SmartCM solution has been a contributing factor in Magenta Telekom winning the network ‘Connect Test’ for 2019 and 2018 – a prestigious benchmarking award that proves it has the best performing mobile network in Austria.

“We’re proud to say that we have the best performing mobile network in Austria,” said Helmut Lehermayr, Vice President Radio & Transmission Networks, Magenta Telekom. “Receiving industry accolades is gratifying but is ultimately the result of sustained investment and ongoing collaboration with highly valued partners like TEOCO. We have benefitted from TEOCO’s expertise for a while and have been delighted with the performance of its SmartCM solution. Extending its capabilities to our 5G network was a very easy decision to make.”

“Strong, seamless network configuration is critical in running an efficient well performing mobile network,” said Thomas Neubauer, Vice President, Business Development at TEOCO. “We’re delighted and proud to have been part of a winning formula with Magenta Telekom. The deployment of 5G raises the stakes in terms of the complexity of configuring multiple technology network layers concurrently. Our commitment to sustained innovation will ensure our SmartCM solution continues to evolve with the needs of Magenta Telekom’s customers and maintain the operator’s position as operating Austria’s best mobile network.”