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    Software solutions to plan, assure, analyze and optimize your network, your business and your customers.

  • Smarter Customer Experience

    We helped a global MVNO to deliver exceptional customer QoS with our Service Assurance solution.

  • Smarter

    We improved a leading CSPs bottom line by over $500 million using our financial analytics solution.

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    We are ensuring operators are ready for the Internet of Things with in-depth analysis of their M2M traffic.

  • Smarter Business Performance

    We are proud to be a part of the “Inc. 5000” list of top performing businesses for a fifth consecutive year.

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What We Do

Most people would consider TEOCO an analytics company. We, however, firmly believe we are an optimization company. Sure, most of our solutions apply analytics to massive amounts of data, but our end-game is always about optimization, whether that be optimizing your profitability, your customer experience or your network performance. Analytics for the sake of analytics has no inherent value.

By focusing on optimizing the businesses of our customers we have become a leading provider of planning, assurance, analytics and optimization software solutions to Communications Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide. Our expertise helps CSPs solve the daily challenges they face with their customers, their business and their network.

To date we have helped more than 300 of the largest service providers in over 100 countries run their networks and businesses more efficiently and profitably, while delivering better quality of service to their customers.

Latest News

  • 5 Key Reasons Operators Need to Take a Unified Approach with Service Assurance

    Most large operators have acquired a mix of service assurance solutions over the years, mostly due to deploying domain-specific performance (PM) and fault management (FM) systems designed to address various access technologies and protocols, such as 2G, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi and others. When viewed individually, they all appear to be working fine, so the common approach is often to just leave well enough alone; but this creates a whole new set of problems.

  • LTE Capacity Planning and PRB Dimensioning: Ensuring Quality of Service in an Increasingly Complex Network

    RAN networks look very different today than they did in the past meaning network planners have their work cut out for them. Complexity, the amount of traffic, and the number of network elements are all increasing, and are all being exacerbated by HetNets and small cells. Add in Wi-Fi and network virtualization into the mix and complexities are on an entirely new level.

  • TEOCO integrates small cell design and automatic cell planning tools to create ASSET Design

    TEOCO, the leading provider of assurance, analytics and optimization solutions to communications service providers (CSPs), today announced the release of ASSET Design. This new module, created through the integration of TEOCO’s Capesso and Velox tools, enables the optimization of macro cell network designs and the addition of new small cell sites within a single module – a market first.

  • Latest news
  • Latest White Paper

    M2M growth necessitates a new approach to network planning and optimisation

    TEOCO commissioned Machina Research, the world's leading provider of strategic advice on the newly emerging M2M, IoT and Big Data markets to investigate the network management challenges that M2M will pose to mobile operators. The research findings are outlined in a white paper entitled 'M2M growth necessitates a new approach to network planning and optimisation'.

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