Running a network requires thousands of tweaks on a daily basis to ensure it continues to run at peak performance and deliver the quality of service your subscribers expect. All this tweaking invariably leads to unintended errors being introduced to the network. Periodic audits help to identify issues and provide recommended resolutions to ensure your network is configured and performing as expected.

Additionally, as your network evolves and grows, performance benchmarking can be a useful tool to identify where your network is superior to your competitors and where improvements are needed.

Finally, running a network is a resource-intensive exercise. At TEOCO, we provide several operational services to reduce the workload placed on your engineers by managing pieces of your daily operations, including subscriber and network analytics, customer complaint root cause analysis and vendor management. We also offer full managed services – where we take responsibility for all daily operational tasks.

By outsourcing your audit and operations tasks to TEOCO, you benefit from our complete solution, designed for all network technologies and layers, as well as from our dedicated team of vendor-independent experts.

Combining our advanced vendor agnostic solutions with our expertise and defined methodology, we deliver a competitive advantage to your engineering team, tailored to your timeframes and according to your needs. Our global, multi-vendor experience enables us to share best practices from market leaders, and our offshore capabilities ensure our deliverables are cost-efficient and timely.

Key Benefits

    • Maximizing customer satisfaction helps prevent churn and protects your revenues. Get your network back on track with our audit and operations services.
    • Our vendor management service provides a strong governance team to ensure all vendor projects stay on track, and that operational KPIs and SLA’s are maintained to minimize financial impact.
    • Independence from network equipment providers (NEPs) means our service efforts are not conflicted by the desire for equipment sales.
    • Because we leverage a broad portfolio of planning, optimization and configuration tools to enhance our services, we provide capabilities and results unmatched by other consultants.
    • Our global, multi-vendor experience enables us to share best-practices from market leaders, while our offshore capabilities ensure our project deliverables are cost efficient and timely.
    • With a local presence through 26 offices in 15 countries in all regions of the world, and a customer base that includes over 300 operators, TEOCO has the scale, expertise and local staff to support you.

Service Scope

TEOCO’s audit and operations services include subscriber/network audits and analytics, customer complaint root cause analysis, and vendor management. Maximizing customer satisfaction helps prevent churn and protects your revenues. Our services are delivered as packaged solutions; a powerful combination of tools, methodology and people, leveraging global best practices.

What Our Clients Say

“A highly professional team from TEOCO performed the (above) tasks and delivered the project as per our expectation. The quality of reporting and analysis were professional, informative and beneficial which helped us in improving the network planning and optimization methodology by implementing the recommendations made by TEOCO.”

– Mete Arig, Chief Technology Officer, GEOCELL

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