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Optimization and Capacity

One of the primary reasons for subscriber churn is poor quality of experience. With the increasing demand for high-speed data and low latency services, it’s crucial to ensure that 5G and 4G networks are optimized to provide the best possible user experience. As networks expand and traffic increases, performance typically degrades. To keep this from happening, networks need to be optimized in order to boost performance, returning it back to its previous levels. Additionally, customer behavior changes over time, shifting traffic within the network. This traffic needs to be re-balanced to level utilization across the network which helps to delay CAPEX spending on new equipment.

By outsourcing network optimization and capacity planning to TEOCO, you benefit from proven software solutions that address all network technologies and layers, as well as from our dedicated team of vendor-independent experts. Services include proactive cluster optimization, new feature activation, and ROI based capacity expansion planning.

Combining our advanced vendor-agnostic solutions with our expertise and defined methodology, we deliver a competitive advantage to your engineering team, a service tailored to your timeframes and according to your needs. Our global multi-vendor experience allows us to share best practices from market leaders and our off-shore capabilities help ensure all deliverables are cost-efficient and timely.

Key Benefits

    • Optimizing network coverage both pre- and post-launch ensures your network is providing as much interference-free coverage as possible, minimizing customer complaints and ensuring license obligations are met.
    • With our rich data inputs, advanced forecasting algorithms, network optimization expertise and automated ‘what-if’ analysis, we help minimize CAPEX by providing capacity dimensioning that is highly accurate.
    • Independence from network equipment providers means our service efforts are not conflicted by the desire for equipment sales. Our only focus is on your success.
    • Leveraging our broad planning, optimization and configuration portfolio of tools to deliver services provides capabilities unmatched by consultants alone.
    • Global multi-vendor experience enables us to share best practices from market leaders, while our offshore capabilities ensure deliverables are cost-efficient and timely.
    • With a local presence through 26 offices in 15 countries in all regions of the world, and a customer base that includes over 300 operators, TEOCO has the scale, expertise and local staff to support you.


At TEOCO, we offer three primary categories of network services for optimization and capacity planning: coverage shaping with interference reduction, performance tuning, and capacity management for 3G, 4G, and 5G Networks. These services are delivered as packaged solutions; a powerful combination of tools, methodology, and people, leveraging global best practices.


Network planning exercises, for a multitude of reasons, rarely result in the ‘perfect’ network. It is typically necessary to optimize coverage during the pre- and post-launch stages of a network roll-out. This ensures the network is providing as much interference-free coverage as possible. Coverage shaping services reduce customer complaints resulting from coverage gaps or holes and improve coverage statistics to meet license obligations. TEOCO’s coverage shaping service utilizes Mentor, our geo-analytics and network optimization software tool, to improve critical 4G and 5G data KPI’s such as throughput & latency.


Performance tuning targets specific issues on the worst performing areas of the network, using a wide area optimization approach, or a cluster-based approach, depending upon the scenario. TEOCO’s geo-analytics and optimization software tool, Mentor, utilizes proprietary optimization algorithms to improve network performance by enhancing mobility, throughput, and call retention KPIs. Our virtual drive testing capabilities enable TEOCO’s experts to quickly validate QoS changes and monitor the customer experience. Cluster tuning services are offered for 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks.


Our approach for managing network capacity is based on a combination of subject matter expertise and our ASSET Capacity software tool. A powerful combination to ensure greater accuracy. TEOCO’s Capacity management service audits network resource utilisation, and then runs growth tests and recommends capacity enhancements to identify and mitigate potential network overload.. TEOCO’s experts ensure that your network is optimally designed to maximize the 4G Physical Resource Block (PRB) and 5G Resource Block (RB).

What Our Clients Say

“A highly professional team from TEOCO performed the (above) tasks and delivered the project as per our expectation. The quality of reporting and analysis were professional, informative and beneficial which helped us in improving the network planning and optimization methodology by implementing the recommendations made by TEOCO.”

– Mete Arig, Chief Technology Officer, GEOCELL

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