A very large operator in the USA.


Following the launch of their LTE network, the customer felt additional performance improvements were possible. With their team still focused on rolling out the network, TEOCO was asked to optimize their 1600+ LTE sites deployed to date.

TEOCO’s Solution

TEOCO provided a 4-month long audit and optimization service, with the primary goal being to improve the carrier’s drop call rate and throughput on their LTE network. TEOCO leveraged its portfolio of tools to provide a highly automated approach to many of the audit and optimization tasks, including:

  • Parameter baseline assessment – automated parameter and feature auditing against industry gold-standards.
  • Optimization – neighbor, coverage, parameter and bottleneck optimization
  • PCI-RSI planning
  • Smartphone investigation – Handset profiling and identifying which handsets are not supported by the network.

Value Generated

TEOCO delivered the project on time, with a significant improvement in performance. The access failure rate decreased by over 25%, the drop call rate improved by over 40% and throughput improved by more than 30%.