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Service providers find themselves analyzing ever-expanding volumes of data to better understand subscriber behavior and data consumption trends, with an eye towards delivering the quality of service their customers demand. This data overload stretches the capabilities of existing systems and threatens to erode operational efficiency by drowning engineers under a mountain of bits and bytes.

Network analytics tools have become a critical necessity for making sense of big data. But not all analytics tools are created equal. It’s important to ensure they have been designed by industry experts for analyzing the mission-critical areas carriers are focused on. At TEOCO, we offer a suite of trusted solutions that target the specific challenges engineers face.



A network is never static, especially in this new era of 5G and IoT. As traffic grows and demands change, the network constantly needs to be optimized to maintain the required quality of service your customers expect. Mentor is a radio-access network (RAN) optimization and analytics software tool that leverages network measurements and geolocation insights to troubleshoot service impacting issues.

Today’s networks are complex. With multiple technologies, vendors and layers, engineers need an end-to-end solution that monitors both the network, and the subscriber experience. Using a powerful optimization engine based on mobile measurements, Mentor delivers advanced RAN performance monitoring and optimization, along with deep dive troubleshooting and subscriber experience visualization tools.

Mentor’s extensive analytics capabilities provide insights across devices, subscribers, and locations. This is under-pinned by our geolocation engine, which leverages innovative positioning techniques for greater accuracy – utilizing a set of detailed map layers that include transportation, topographic and building data.

To learn more about how we see the IoT impacting network optimization read this article from our blog.

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Modern mobile networks generate vast amounts of valuable subscriber data. Geolocation information can be correlated to this data, enabling a variety of engineering, customer care, marketing and monetization use cases. But just matching subscriber data to location isn’t enough. Engineers require actionable insights. Insights that highlight the root cause of network issues for rapid resolution, along with dashboards and reports that can be customized to specific needs.

Uncovering the true value of customer and network data requires advanced geo-analytics tools paired with sophisticated visualization capabilities. CogniSense was built to deliver on these requirements; providing geo-analytics dashboards with a high-level view of network, subscriber and device performance, and also the ability to drill-down into charts and detailed GIS data to troubleshoot or analyze specific, business-driven issues.

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The silent majority of customers never complain, they just churn. To prevent this from happening, communication service providers require visibility into customer quality of experience (QoE). SmartCX captures the actual experience of each mobile or fixed broadband user, assessing and analyzing performance metrics on data, voice and on and off network performance, straight from the device. This is especially helpful when launching new technologies and services like 5G.

SmartCX provides visibility into the actual user experience and service performance through near real-time edge analytics on your network, on Wi-Fi or when roaming. This enables mobile operators to quickly identify, verify and resolve individual customer affecting issues, and understand user behavior across all network technologies.

To learn more about how SmartCx can help with your customers quality of experience.

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Tomorrow’s top service providers will be the ones that can deliver cost-effective, high-quality digital services. The ability to automate and optimize service assurance has become critical in order to cope with the increase in complexity and data volumes in the lead up to 5G. To get there, Helix Analytics has incorporated AI and Machine-Learning capabilities that enable CSPs to automate and optimize their operations and engineering processes.

Helix Analytics includes both predictive and reactive machine learning tools. From detecting anomalies and prioritizing alarms, to automating root-cause analysis and predicting service impact – Helix helps reduce the amount of data that needs to be acted upon, and the time and effort it takes to fix network outages.

Networks are changing, and service assurance tools must change as well. Let us become your essential partner in process automation; improving operational efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.

To learn more about how we see analytics, machine learning and AI driving next generation service assurance read this article.

*This solution has now been acquired by Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies.

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Many of today’s network (NOC) and service operations center (SOC) teams are overworked and overwhelmed. Managing thousands of network alarms each day, these dedicated experts spend too much time searching for alarm correlations that are used to identify the root cause of commonly recurring network problems.

This is why we developed FaaST – Fault Analytics as a Service by TEOCO. Built to help your operational teams focus on resolving network problems more quickly, FaaST automatically points to the root cause of symptoms and resolves issues as they arise. FaaST unveils valuable insights that often go overlooked, creating visibility into problematic parts of your network.

FaaST follows a proven methodology that delivers actionable intelligence based on the latest machine-learning techniques for analyzing historical alarm data. This information is then reviewed by TEOCO’s team of telecom subject matter experts. We provide your operations and engineering teams with ongoing fault analytics and analysis through insight reports and actionable recommendations. These insights enable fast, reliable detection of the root cause of network outages and automate their resolution.

*This solution has now been acquired by Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies.

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The financial aspects of operating a network are equally as important as the network itself. Our Business Analytics solutions combine granular views of subscriber information, network data and business transactions, allowing us to perform an in-depth, end-to-end analysis that delivers unexpected insights and powerful business recommendations. TEOCO’s business analytics solutions are recognized for delivering real value and real results – focused on increasing revenues, expanding margins and maximizing profitability in a multitude of ways.

An example of this is our trunk analytics offering, which optimizes network routing and termination costs, helping to maintain optimal trunk capacity across the network.

To learn how TEOCO’s business analytics solutions can help you survive the digital age, read our recent article.

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TEOCO’s market leading position in Engineering Systems reflects the success of its extensive network planning and optimization solution set, built by some very cohesive acquisitions and integrated effectively to form a leading portfolio

– Analysys Mason

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