ASSET 2020 features support for dynamic spectrum sharing, 5G neighbor planning and 5G measurements support

Fairfax, VA., USA – 29 April 2020.  TEOCO, the leading provider of planning & optimization, assurance and analytics solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide, today announced the launch of ASSET 2020, the latest release of its leading radio network planning tool. ASSET 2020 features support for dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) between 4G and 5G , 5G neighbor planning, 5G measurements support and automatic site placement for 5G.

TEOCO’s ASSET tool is currently deployed by CSPs worldwide and provides full capabilities to plan state-of the-art networks. This includes ensuring that multiple network technology layers (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G) work seamlessly together to guarantee the best possible quality of experience for all users.

The latest release of ASSET 2020 sees TEOCO add:

  • DSS planning and modeling capabilities, which will ensure a trouble-free implementation of DSS, allowing CSPs to dynamically switch between LTE and 5G NR using existing 4G hardware and spectrum. DSS will be key for CSPs wanting to implement 5G NR standalone without compromising the experience of existing LTE users or the capacity of existing spectrum.
  • Highly accurate 5G and IRAT neighbor planning algorithms, which leverage a combination of interference matrices, OSS data and SINR weightings.
  • 5G measurements support and model tuning, whereby CSPs can import 5G network measurements from drive testing or call trace recordings directly into ASSET 2020 for tuning of propagation models to improve the accuracy of coverage prediction.

In addition to the above, ASSET 2020 brings improved usability for its most commonly used features—the antenna dialog and the coverage analysis wizard, for example. ASSET 2020’s improved performance allows CSPs to benefit from faster project load times—these have been improved by up to 30% since the last software release—and faster predictions, with path loss prediction speed improved by up to 25% in this release.

“Our ASSET radio network planning tool has a track record in helping CSPs around the world to better plan, manage and optimize their networks,” said Atul Jain, CEO, TEOCO. “The updates and enhancements made to this latest release of ASSET will ensure that TEOCO continues to be best placed to help CSPs as they deploy 5G networks. In addition, the dynamic spectrum sharing capabilities will give CSPs the edge they need to properly manage the implementation of 5G NR, without it impacting existing users.”