FAIRFAX, VA., USA – 14 December 2021 – TEOCO, the leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimization solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide, has today announced the latest update to its network planning tool, ASSET. New capabilities include Electromagnetic Field (EMF) analysis, support for 5G network slicing, external interference modeling and an additional automation API.

ASSET is deployed by CSPs worldwide and is a radio planning tool that provides radio frequency coverage, capacity, cell parameter and neighbor planning for wireless and mobile cellular networks. It can be customized through a range of productivity packs, enabling customers to add additional functionality to meet their needs.

The ASSET 2021 Q4 update adds several new features and improvements including:

  • EMF analysis: ASSET can now model the intensity of EMF around cell sites to help network designers ensure their new site designs and upgrades comply with legal and regulatory EMF limits.
  • Support for 5G network slicing: Bandwidth part modeling has been introduced into ASSET, allowing users to model network slicing scenarios.
  • External interference modeling: Known external interference – such as TV white space – can now be modeled in ASSET to better gauge the network quality of service (QoS) delivered to customers.
  • Coverage generation API (CGA): The new CGA API allows third-party systems to request coverage arrays from ASSET. This enables applications such as online coverage checkers to be automatically updated with the latest network coverage as often as required.

“In this latest release of ASSET, not only have we added some important and pioneering capabilities to help our customers design better 5G networks,” says Atul Jain, Founder & CEO at TEOCO, “but we have also expanded ASSET’s automation capabilities as planning continues to evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow.”

For more information about TEOCO’s ASSET, please visit: https://www.teoco.com/products-services/ran-solutions/planning/