Traffic Pumping Study Quantified by TEOCO

Fairfax, VA – October 14, 2010 – TEOCO Corporation, the market leader in Cost Management, Routing Management, Revenue Assurance and Service Assurance solutions for communications service providers worldwide, today announced the release of its much anticipated study on the industry wide issue of Traffic Pumping, also known as Access Stimulation.

Over the past few years TEOCO has proven itself to be an expert on the emerging issue of Traffic Pumping, the act of routing excessive amounts of long distance traffic to rural carriers who charge higher rates for terminating traffic on their networks. TEOCO’s technology was instrumental in first identification of the damages to a large US client which were crucial to the seminal court decision against traffic pumpers in Iowa.

Charles W. Steese, Partner, Steese•Evans•Frankel, P.C. commented, “TEOCO has leveraged its products and expertise to provide visibility to the origins and costs attributable to Traffic Pumping and the communications industry, quantifying the need for action by the FCC.”
The study takes a deeper dive in to the effect Traffic Pumping has on the industry as a whole, including a cost in excess of $2.3 Billion over the past 5 years.

“This study is the culmination of a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication over the past few years,” said TEOCO Vice President and General Manager John Devolites. “Traffic Pumping is a problem costing the industry Billions of dollars and we hope this study will help shed some more light on the issue.”