T-Mobile Austria (rebranded as Magenta Telekom in 2019) has a 2G, 3G, 4G and NB-IoT network, with plans to launch 5G in 2019. They are constantly striving to improve the quality of service they deliver to their 7.2 million subscribers.


T-Mobile’s network has successfully grown over the years. As they have expanded and added new technologies, their legacy configuration management tool has not kept pace with their requirements or the size of their network.

TEOCO’s Solution

TEOCO deployed SmartCM to ensure the successful transition from T-Mobile’s legacy systems within a short timeframe. This enabled T-Mobile Austria to perform accurate configuration changes in real-time, reducing operating costs and improving subscriber network quality.

SmartCM provides a centralized, vendor agnostic view of T-Mobile Austria’s entire network. It automatically monitors and audits the accuracy of T-Mobile Austria’s network configuration and highlights all discrepancies. Furthermore, SmartCM integrates any changes to the RAN, such as new sites, cells, parameters, and neighbors, via its Network Write capabilities. The solution enhances T-Mobile Austria’s reporting functionality by allowing users to automate the scheduling and distribution of reports with key metrics at specified times—all without user intervention, increasing efficiency.

Value Generated

The implementation of SmartCM is a key part of T-Mobile Austria’s digital strategy. “We strive to offer the best in internet experience, entertainment and service for our 7.2 million connections. We have been voted the most popular mobile operator in Austria for five years running, and we want to keep this honor by maintaining the best network,” said Driton Emini, Vice President Next Generation Networks at T-Mobile Austria. “With SmartCM, we have a futureproof solution for our network configuration as we begin work on our 5G expansion. Our partnership with TEOCO gives us the speed and agility we need to continue to grow our business and maintain the highest quality of service. Being ranked the best radio network in Austria in the 2018 Connect Tests is our proof that we are on the right track.”

“We are delighted to deploy our solution with T-Mobile Austria. Like so many other operators, they are looking to ensure that their planning and optimization results are being deployed automatically in the network in the highest quality of service for their subscribers. Seeing how SmartCM can help T-Mobile Austria to deliver the best performing network is very exciting. Our ability to support wider Deutsche Telekom Group operators in the region also opens up major opportunities for the future harmonization of network operation processes,” said Thomas Neubauer, Vice President, Business Development & Innovations at TEOCO. “As 5G looms, this is even more important as misconfiguration is one of the primary causes of poor performance which could lead to a potential loss in revenue and a risk to subscriber experience.”