Following on from TM Forum’s successful webinar AIOps: From Automation to Autonomous Networks with TEOCO’s Dima Alkin and BMC’s Ian Russ.

TM Forum brings you the report which gives you an insight into the adoption, direction and real-world implementation of AIOps directly from a targeted panel of operations experts who are active in TM Forum’s collaborative work on AIOps.

Read the report to understand:

  • Why a lot of automation does not need AI
  • Where AI can be most usefully introduced and how
  • Why new technologies and autonomous networks are major drivers of AIOps
  • The benefits of automated networks enabled by AIOps
  • The challenges of implementing AIOps
  • Learnings and success stories from CSPs around the world, including China Mobile, Orange, PCCW/Hong Kong Telekom and Telecom Argentina
  • The role of TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture and Open APIs

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