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ASSET Geo provides geolocated traffic and performance maps for more accurate radio network planning and network design optimization.

Intense market competition means the budget available for network expansion is under severe pressure. Planning engineers need, more than ever, to determine the most profitable and efficient locations to deploy new sites.

ASSET Geo enables network planning engineers to visualize geolocated traffic and performance data within ASSET, improving the precision with which they can place new cell sites needed for coverage offload, or to solve network performance issues. This ensures every new site delivers maximum return on investment.

ASSET Geo is technology agnostic and supports CDMA, GSM, UMTS, LTE and 5G. It leverages TEOCO’s geolocation expertise, which includes advanced positioning algorithms and the ability to isolate stationary, moving, indoor and outdoor traffic, allowing for the creation of highly accurate traffic maps.

For over 5 years, Analysys Mason has consistently ranked TEOCO as one of the largest vendors of network planning and optimization software in their Service Design and Orchestration Systems: Worldwide Market Shares report.

Key Benefits

    • Traffic and performance maps built from mobile measurements provide engineers with a much more accurate view of network hotspots and performance issues when compared to traditional cell-based statistics.
    • Indoor/outdoor measurement classifications deliver CAPEX savings and improve Indoor QoS. This is especially important because engineers no longer over or under-estimate indoor loss during planning.
    • The use of actual network measurements within our planning tool creates a more finely-tuned prediction model, resulting in greater planning accuracy, and ultimately, maximum CAPEX efficiency.
    • Creating maps based on specific subscriber, handset and service criteria can help identify key areas where 5G uptake is likely to be strongest, helping prioritize where 5G should initially be deployed.
    • With a local presence through 26 offices in 15 countries across all regions of the world, and a customer base that includes over 300 operators, TEOCO has the scale, expertise and local staff to support you.
    • TEOCO is a well-established, profitable company with a long track record of success. We are not just a planning company, we understand all aspects of your business and build our tools with that in mind.

Use Cases

ASSET Geo provides engineers with in-depth traffic and performance maps to optimize radio access network (RAN) planning.

Client Feedback

“TEOCO’s market-leading position in Engineering Systems reflects the success of its extensive network planning and optimization solution set, built by some very cohesive acquisitions and integrated effectively to form a leading portfolio.”

– Analysys Mason

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