TEOCO will be at this years Somos Summit in Denver as a supporting sponsor.

TEOCO’s Universal Routing Solution is a best-in-class routing solution for Toll Free. Our clients gain tremendous operational efficiencies, and the headaches begin to melt away. No more wasted hours trying to track everything in spreadsheets. Having to align and normalize multiple data sources will also be a thing of the past.  With greater service and network visibility, routing results improve drastically – as if your best subject matter expert is suddenly making every routing decision.

Did you know that SSI is now part of TEOCO? The same great SSI team and products are now paired with TEOCO’s expertise and long-standing history in routing analytics and network cost management.  It’s a recipe for success.

Learn more about our Universal Routing Solution (URS) by scheduling a meeting with us at the upcoming SOMOS Summit in Washington D.C., from October 16th-17th.

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