Today’s mobile networks are so expansive and complex that making the necessary changes and updates to the infrastructure is both a protracted and costly process. As a result, innovation in this type of environment represents a real risk for operators.

Even relatively minor mistakes can have an outsized, unforeseen impact in different areas of the network, creating network failures and resulting in lost revenue. So what can network operators do to minimize risk?

In this webinar, TEOCO experts, Nishita Hathi, Dimitris Dernikas and Nenad Repac will be discussing:

 Cost effectively and accurately deploy new technology features
• Avoid losing customers because of inaccurate optimization
• Minimize revenue loss due to incorrect or sub-optimal configuration
• Maximize customer experience by leveraging real world customer experience data

Join us for an interesting discussion, and take the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A session  register now!

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