The customer is one of the largest operators in Central America and is seen as the thought leader in the region.


The customer was building a business case to deploy IoT and wanted to understand the network investment required to meet the various scenarios they were considering.

TEOCO’s Solution

Using TEOCO’s ASSET suite of planning tools, and specifically ASSET Design, for the service provider’s automated scenario planning, we evaluated nine different scenarios for an initial 15 city deployment of IoT. This included identifying the optimal equipment requirements to meet the customer’s business priorities across all their various scenarios. Analysis included determining the sites required for an outdoor service footprint, an indoor footprint, and even a deep indoor footprint.

Value Generated

TEOCO was able to present the customer with the network design that would be required for each of their potential scenarios. This information allowed the customer to assess the feasibility and return on investment of each scenario, enabling them to present a solid business case to senior management, backed up by sound technical analysis.