TDC Group is the leading Danish provider of fixed and mobile telecom services, internet access and digital TV. In 2017 it had a 40% market share with 2.64 million mobile customers, providing 4G coverage to 99% of Denmark.


In 2015, TDC wanted to improve how it monitored network performance. TDC Group’s aim was to incorporate new network elements, such as LTE radio and other new core network elements, into their new performance management solution to get an independent view of performance, rather than rely upon the network element manager’s system.

TEOCO’s Solution

In 2015, TDC Group selected OPTIMA, TEOCO’s performance management tool, to improve the performance of its mobile network in Denmark. With the OPTIMA solution, TDC Group was able to reduce the costs of managing their mobile network, while benefiting from a range of new features and functionalities. This included the ability to enrich performance management data for better analysis and insights – thanks to the tool’s harmonization layer and an intuitive, web-based user interface.

In 2017, TDC selected TEOCO once again; upgrading its OPTIMA system to TEOCO’s new Helix Performance Management solution.

Value Generated

“TEOCO has proven to be a very reliable partner to TDC Group. The seamless integration of OPTIMA with our existing software and systems will mean our network will benefit from lower costs, and our users will enjoy a better experience,” said Jacob Geertsen, Procurement Manager at TDC Group.

“At TDC Group, we monitor the mobile network around the clock, seven days a week, all year round. We work constantly, checking and testing our network and carrying out precisely planned changes and upgrades, so that we avoid breakdowns and ensure that you always have the best connection.”

“We have alarms, which show when we are about to reach the maximum capacity threshold, so that any potential service breakdown is dealt with before it happens, and stability is ensured.”