The customer is a South American operator with over 12 million subscribers.


The customer wanted to deploy VoLTE to gain additional spectrally efficient voice capacity for their network. They were, however, fiercely protective of maintaining network performance. They understood that ensuring a superior customer experience during this transformation was paramount to reduce the risk of churn.

TEOCO’s Solution

TEOCO conducted a VoLTE readiness audit on their network. This included coverage and quality optimization, performance and capacity assessments, identification of bottlenecks and investigation of several VoLTE features that were to be enabled. TEOCO helped to answer some critical questions, including:

  • Is there enough capacity to serve VoLTE users, whilst maintaining data QoS?
  • Is the network’s level of latency acceptable for VoLTE calls?
  • Are radio conditions sufficient to maintain service on LTE?
  • Is the LTE network optimally configured to support VoLTE?

Value Generated

The customer was able to resolve the issues discovered during the audit and implement the recommendations. This put them in a position where they could confidently deploy VoLTE knowing their subscriber quality of experience would not be negatively affected.