The customer is a large operator in South America with over 23 million subscribers.


The customer wanted to ensure they had the best LTE network possible. Lacking necessary LTE skills in-house, they were looking for a partner who could assist them with all stages of network planning and deployment, as well as provide knowledge-transfer to their internal teams.

TEOCO’s Solution

TEOCO proposed a 4-stage project, including validation of the vendor’s nominal design, a detailed design, network rollout, and finally, cluster validation.

The activities began by establishing the planning environment and validating the proposed vendor’s nominal plan against the operator’s targets and objectives. Coverage, quality and capacity analysis resulted in some fine tuning through additional site considerations and radio reconfigurations.

Following successful completion of the pre-planning phase, TEOCO supported the operator with their LTE rollout, beginning with LTE AWS and progressing through to LTE700, Small Cell expansions and VoLTE. TEOCO’s responsibilities included creating the detailed design, candidate selection and the vendor’s cluster optimization, validation and acceptance.

Value Generated

TEOCO continues to assist this customer with their current LTE network expansion and evolution activities. For over three years, the TEOCO team has maintained service at the expected level, demonstrating we have the flexibility and know-how required to support complex technology rollouts. Our ongoing commitment to protect the operator’s infrastructure interests, while maximizing network performance through impact-based planning and rollout decisions, has made TEOCO their long-term partner.