NOS is a leading communications and entertainment group in Portugal – a converged provider of mobile, fixed broadband, IPTV, and voice services – serving several million customers. NOS has been a TEOCO customer for several years, benefitting from our solutions and deep expertise in network planning, optimization and performance management.


In 2018, NOS began looking to replace its longstanding fault management system and TEOCO’s Optima system with the goal of improving network automation. This would be achieved by implementing a more comprehensive Service Assurance system that included fault management, performance management, service management and professional service capabilities. NOS was shifting from a NOC (Network Operations Centre) to a SOC (Service Operations Centre) driven approach and needed a solution that could generate real-time insights to visualize, monitor and solve network issues that could negatively impact the customer experience.

TEOCO’s Solution

In early 2019, NOS decided to purchase Helix Service Assurance with additional professional service capabilities. The Helix solution has helped NOS to overcome complexity with a more automated and proactive approach to fault and service management, while consolidating all service assurance needs under a unified analytics-driven platform. Helix Machine-Learning Analytics will enable the operator to predict network degradations and take the necessary corrective actions to minimize service downtime.

Value Generated

“Offering a high-quality and differentiated customer experience has always been central to our ongoing growth strategy. Working with TEOCO gives us the technological agility and expertise to continually evolve and improve quality across all of our services. This includes improving our ability to instantly react to network issues as they arise.” – Judite Reis, Network Operations Director, NOS