This carrier serves 25 million subscribers spanning multiple countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The service provider has deployed a fully integrated, cloud-native core network, leveraging network function virtualization (NFV) to dramatically increase agility and flexibility of its communications service offerings. The new virtualized core network was designed to be a key enabler of its wider transformation towards become a leading digital services provider.


The customer needed a cloud-ready service assurance suite capable of effectively managing both new generation (virtual) and legacy networks. It needed to assure its entire network infrastructure spanning mobile access, transport, vIMS and next generation, NFV-based core network.

TEOCO’s Solution

Following a rigorous evaluation process, in late 2018 the customer chose Helix Service Assurance as their consolidated platform of choice to serve all the operator’s subsidiaries across Europe, with the goal of gaining complete visibility across network and service performance. Helix’s cloud-ready service assurance suite effectively manages both new generation and legacy networks, and monitors network performance. Using Helix’s data processing analytics tools helps the carrier automate operational processes and enable closed-loop fault resolution.

Value Generated

Helix Service Assurance is helping the customer to become more agile and customer-centric. This includes the faster creation and launch of new personalized revenue generating services.

“Our ongoing migration towards becoming a digital service provider means integrating industry-leading technology that has the agility, elasticity and scalability to evolve with us,” said the customer’s OSS Manager. “Our needs were both complex and specific. TEOCO, with its Helix service assurance solution, offered all the capabilities we needed, including the ability to seamlessly integrate with our existing architecture. Having worked with TEOCO before, we knew that it was a vendor we could trust.”