Huawei, the largest network equipment vendor in the world, delivers capacity planning services for multiple customers with GSM, UMTS and LTE networks. Their customers’ backhaul and transport networks are a mixture of TDM and IP/ETH over microwave, leased lines and fiber.


Huawei provides managed network services for many carriers globally. Providing accurate and consistent end-to-end capacity planning is a key component. A recent increase in the complexity of network dimensioning, however, was requiring significantly more time and effort on their part in order to deliver good results.

Huawei needed an easy-to-configure, easy-to-use network planning tool for creating optimal end-to-end capacity plans for carriers’ physical and logical network layers. The solution needed to offer the ability to create plans that include a service provider’s entire network, plus all the vendors, domains and technologies that Huawei’s customers might have within their networks.

TEOCO’s Solution

Huawei conducted a rigorous assessment of all the capacity planning tools on the market and chose TEOCO’s ASSET Capacity as the clear winner. Some of the contributing factors for their selection included:

  • Scenario planning capabilities for traffic growth and equipment failure – because network dimensioning is as much an art as it is a science.
  • Visualization of a carrier’s logical and physical networks, allowing the tracing of traffic flows from source to destination.
  • Feature-rich transmission capacity planning and dimensioning, from layer 3 to layer 1, (to dimension a carrier’s IP/Ethernet services and the physical links) as well as automatic, multi-layer routing capabilities.
  • Support for multiple domains and multiple equipment vendors.
  • Intuitive and easy to use, with powerful out-of-the-box reporting.
  • Flat file import structure – to easily import details about the network, but requiring only minimal information.

Value Generated

Huawei is now able to create capacity plans that are more accurate, delivered in less time (and therefore more cost effectively) to their customers. TEOCO’s tools-based approach allows Huawei to present and justify results to each customer in a visual manner, and also allows for rapid updates should the carrier want to incorporate additional feedback or changes.

ASSET Capacity’s powerful scenario planning capabilities allow Huawei to offer future capacity plans well in advance, helping their carrier customers to carefully plan their budgets and the various phases of each upgrade. These factors have helped Huawei differentiate their offering from the competition and deliver real, added value to their managed services.

Huawei’s customers continue to benefit in several ways. They receive dimensioning recommendations that are more accurate, which saves on costs that can come from over-dimensioning. They can bring new offers, such as LTE, to market much faster than their competitors. Their network is also better dimensioned for LTE and high-speed services, with fewer bottlenecks, providing better quality of service for their subscribers.