Small Cell Planning

With wireless data predicted to exceed that of wired in the next few years and network capacity demands set to increase 10 to 15-fold over the next 5 years, TEOCO knows mobile operators are under pressure to dramatically increase network capacity and maintain data throughput rates, in a cost effective manner.

Small cells are rapidly becoming the solution of choice for CSP’s (Communication Service Provider’s) looking to address the insatiable demand for mobile data by their customers and the desire to consume this data indoors.

By deploying small cells in carefully chosen locations a CSP can create the required capacity close to users, improve the in-building coverage in the area and reduce interference on the macro network.

Small Cell planning is, however, far from a simple exercise and a number of questions need addressing to answer the ultimate question: What is the optimal network design?

Where is the demand? Which areas provide the best return? Is there a business case? Where is appropriate street furniture: lamp posts, bus stops, etc.? What is the best approach to interference management? Shared carrier vs. dedicated carrier? What is the most appropriate backhaul technology for each candidate location considering performance, cost, environment and reliability?

ASSET Design is an automated network design tool delivering the optimization of macro cell network designs and the addition of new small cell sites within a single module. It uses geo-located data to develop an accurate picture of traffic location and density for improved site placement. It ranks potential candidate sites according to backhaul availability and site costs. Users can define coverage, capacity, interference and cost objectives to be optimized to ensure the design meets their business objectives. ASSET Design has sufficient scalability to accurately model the coverage of many thousands of Small Cells simultaneously.

To learn more about the capabilities of ASSET Design click here.

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