Service Assurance

Service Assurance

As a communications service provider (CSP), your network performance is a critical strategic differentiator. As your customers become more reliant on being always connected, they become less tolerant of poor quality of service. Delivering the best network service and performance is key to keeping your customers happy and minimizing churn.

Our Helix® suite for service assurance provides CSPs with market leading solutions for the management of network performance, fault and customer experience. The solutions model and measure network and non-network-related data from various perspectives such as customer specific, service generic and network components. Helix® is also rich in advanced algorithms for the detection and pre-emption of outages.

Helix® offers a unified service assurance suite to reach lower total costs of ownership (TCOs) for your assurance tools, remove siloes, and prepare for the evolution from network operations centers (NOCs) to service operation centers (SOCs), predictive operations and network automation.

All suite components can be seamlessly deployed and share the same mediation platform, which supports multiple technologies, domains, vendors and protocols. All products in the suite can leverage the data received from multiple sources and present it over one single centralized platform for a thorough end-to-end view of your network’s health.

Helix® serves the needs of engineering and operations and offers use cases beyond service assurance: addressing marketing and customer care.

Helix® Performance Management (PM) gathers, analyzes and presents performance, service, availability and capacity data from all parts of the network providing a single unified view of performance across the whole network, so engineers can monitor, troubleshoot and optimize the network to deliver the best services.

Monitor – Dashboards, alarms and push notifications keep engineers constantly updated with the current network status and allows them to proactively detect service degradations. Intelligent trending of historical data predicts future network utilization, ensuring capacity upgrades can be implemented before customers are affected.

Troubleshoot – Once service or performance problems are identified, identifying the cause of the degradation in the next step. Powerful root-cause analysis workflows and KPI drill-down capabilities allow engineers to quickly isolate the root-cause of a problem: once known, a fix can be implemented.

Optimize – Both the network and the traffic it carries are constantly changing. Constant tweaking is necessary to maximize performance. With health check, top offender reports, KPI tracking, and benchmarking, our Performance Management software provides all the information required to constantly improve your network.

With Helix® Fault Management (FM), NOC and SOC users are empowered with automated actions to solve problems as soon as they occur, allowing them to focus on the most critical alerts. Operations management is simplified, as all alert information is presented over a single inclusive platform, ultimately improving the overall service availability.

View – With our Fault Management software, NOC users can view the alarms that matter most and focus on the critical elements.

Identify– Thanks to its advanced Correlator expert system, our FM tool performs root-cause analysis of the alarms and locates issues based on business rules and topology.

Repair – Our Fault Management software can automate the alarms actions and related processes to radically improve the mean time to repair (MTTR), while also lowering your maintenance costs.

With multi-dimensional diagnosis and analysis tools using dynamic KQIs (Key Quality Indicators) combining probes data, network elements data and performance metrics, Helix® ServiceExpert provides Engineering and Operations teams with the necessary platform to proactively ensure high quality service for customers and network troubleshooting.

Investigate – Thanks to its cross dimensional analysis querying billions of records in seconds, and its advanced visualization capabilities, it is easier to ensure top network quality

Detect – Automatically detect problematic areas using advanced geo location and algorithms, based on KPIs or release cause of your users’ sessions.

Communicate – By enabling the integration of multiple data sources, and longer retention periods for xDRs, KPIs and KQIs, Service Expert is a central tool for your CRM, engineering, operations and marketing teams.

In today’s highly competitive market, costs, or more accurately return on investment, is critical for the success of the business. By leveraging the network utilization trending data from our PM tool, business impacts indexes from FM, users can focus on the most important tasks at hand from a business point of view.

To meet the varying needs of operators, Helix® is available via a traditional perpetual software license or via a SaaS model as Helix® Cloud. Helix® Cloud can be fully hosted by TEOCO or deployed on a private cloud which is especially suitable for operators with multiple properties or affiliates, regional or worldwide, looking for a single solution to manage them all.

To learn more about our service assurance products, visit the products page.


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