Network Optimization

Customer service providers (CSPs) and infrastructure providers are only as good as their networks. In today’s context, you can do a lot to improve your radio access network’s (RAN) performance, but there aren’t many cost-effective solutions that deliver the ideal combination of analytics and optimization, while focusing on customer experience.

TEOCO’s RAN optimization portfolio delivers smarter analytics and optimization of your radio access resources, while addressing the challenges imposed by LTE and complex environments, the needs of your engineers and the priorities of your business units.

Our RAN optimization solutions consist of a rich set of modules which include:

  • Advanced RF optimization
  • Performance monitoring
  • Deep-dive troubleshooting
  • Subscriber behavior visualization
  • Intuitive investigation dashboards

Extensive analytics capabilities enable multi-technology analysis across devices, subscribers, and locations under-pinned by our geo-location engine, which delivers market leading accuracy for cross technology, multi-vendor environments.


Automatic, multi-technology, multi-vendor optimization and analysis capabilities are the core of our LTE, UMTS, GSM, and CDMA RAN optimization offering, Mentor. TEOCO delivers best-in-breed, robust and trustworthy RAN optimization use-cases which include:

  • Neighbor list optimization
  • Parameter optimization
  • Frequency planning
  • Automatic cell planning

Innovative and intelligent network-wide analytics work hand in hand with our geo-location and visualization capabilities to enable operators to measure, monitor and examine the performance metrics that fuel business decisions, reduce maintenance costs and overcome increasing network complexity.


Our proprietary geo-location and visualization technology uses advanced positioning techniques and algorithms to accurately locate and correlate network and subscriber data into a real-time, integrative geo-display which is simple, sophisticated and clear. Engineers, managers, and customer support seamlessly integrate these GeoMaps into their daily work flow. They gain an accurate network view to quickly identify traffic hotspots, quality degradation, coverage holes, and more, for targeted analysis, troubleshooting and optimization. TEOCO’s highly customizable and intuitive visual design allows maximum flexibility to investigate trends, conduct root-cause analysis, and uncover untapped business potential.


TEOCO’s NEM solutions give you the tools to proactively keep your finger on your subscribers’ pulse. You can leverage our subscriber intelligence to conduct user, device and service specific investigations and troubleshoot quality of service issues, effectively managing and optimizing customer experience. Multi-technology VIP customer tracking, individual call event visualization and analysis, and web-based voice, data and device-type trending features comprise the most comprehensive mobile network customer experience management solution available.

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