Network Analytics

As CSPs strive to understand subscriber behavior and data consumption trends to ensure they can deliver the required quality of service, they find themselves analyzing ever expanding volumes of data to extract the required insights. This data overhead stretches the capabilities of existing systems and threatens to erode operational efficiency by drowning engineers under a mountain of data.

Network analytics are required to make sense of this mountain of data coming from the network. But even then, it is important to focus on key objectives. At TEOCO we have a number of solutions targeting their analytics capabilities at specific challenges engineers face.

Encrypted data analytics – INsync

While encrypted data provides customers with security and privacy it also has some drawbacks, the primary one being that CSPs are unable to understand what is travelling across their network and therefore how to configure the network to deliver maximum quality of service.

INsync is our solution for helping CSPs understand the encrypted data flows running across the network. Fundamentally built on the premise that 100% of the traffic will be encrypted, INsync leverages state-of-the-art, advanced heuristics and machine learning to detect apps that utilize encrypted flows, so that service level objectives can be enforced and quality can be ensured.  It monitors, diagnoses, predicts and protects networks, providing real-time insight, performing root cause analysis and trouble-shooting to isolate issues across network vs. content provider vs device vs location dimensions.

To learn more about how INsync deals with encrypted data flows read this article and to learn more about INSync’s capabilities click here.

Service Assurance Analytics – Helix®

With the shift in focus to managed services on top of the network, as well as the introduction of new IoT and 5G use cases, modern NOC (Network Operations Centre), SOC (Service Operation Centre), and engineering departments require access to an ever-growing amount of real-time information and insights. This includes all network and services related information across all technology domains – including both traditional and next-generation cloud-driven NFV and SDN networks.

Helix® delivers unified service assurance with market leading performance, fault, service and customer experience management capabilities to deliver embedded real-time analytics and end-to-end service-level visibility built on sophisticated analytics and machine learning algorithms.

To learn more about how we see analytics, machine learning and AI driving next generation service assurance read this article we wrote recently and to learn more about Helix’s® capabilities click here.

Network Optimization Analytics – Mentor

A network is never static, as traffic grows and moves the network needs constant optimization to maintain the required quality of service for customers. Mentor is a RAN optimization and analytics software tool that leverages network measurements and geolocation to deliver radio access resource optimization and troubleshooting.

With multiple technologies, vendors and layers in a network, engineers need an end-to-end solution to monitor both the network and the subscriber experience. Using a powerful optimization engine based on mobile measurements, Mentor delivers advanced RAN optimization and performance monitoring, deep-dive troubleshooting and subscriber experience visualization. Extensive analytics capabilities enable analysis across devices, subscribers, and locations, under-pinned by our geolocation engine, which delivers market-leading accuracy.

To learn more about how we see the IoT impacting network optimization read this recent article from our blog and to learn more about Mentor’s capabilities click here.

Business Decision Analytics – SmartHub

In today’s competitive market, where cost of capital and cost of operations is high, operators must ensure that they are offering an excellent experience and also making the most cost-effective investments in the network. SmartHub is a software platform that provides customer-centric insights enabling telecoms operators to drive operational decisions aligned with their business objectives.

By correlating data from multiple sources and generating predictive network analytics and insights, SmartHub enables CxO’s to optimize cost, improve agility and create previously untapped revenue opportunities. SmartHub harnesses subscriber network events to identify subscriber behavior patterns, which are correlated to services, experience and effects on revenue for the CSP. This allows CSPs to understand the implications of the technical and financial impact on their operations or business decisions.

To learn more about SmartHub click here or contact us to arrange a demo.

The business of the network – Business Analytics

While much of network analytics is focused on the performance of the network the financial aspects of operating a network are equally important. Our Business Analytics solutions provide a granular view of subscriber information, network data and business transactions, enabling CSPs to increase revenues, expand margins and maximize profitability. Overall, our financial subject matter expertise enables us to power better insights and formulate powerful recommendations.

An example of this is our trunk analytics offering which optimizes routing and termination costs to maintain optimal trunk capacity across the network.

To learn how we think business analytics can help you survive the digital transformation read our recent article here and to learn more about our business analytics offering click here.

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