Managed Services

With the 2013 purchase of AIRCOM International, a recognized leader in network services for over 20 years, TEOCO gained a significant network services team and portfolio. That team of telecom experts have delivered over 4 million man hours on 2G, 3G and 4G network projects globally making us stand out amongst our peers.

Leveraging this experience we deliver full managed services, undertaking all aspects of network planning and optimization for an operator over a multi-year period. Typical projects cover all strategic and operational aspects of planning, optimization, capacity expansion, spectrum refarming, performance management and customer experience management delivered by our engineers with support from our extensive portfolio of software solutions.

Using TEOCO’s Managed Services brings experienced consultants and proven solutions to your network at reduced overall costs. Our success is based on a number of key factors; unbiased independent advice, our extensive tools portfolio, global experience, local viewpoints, and the fact we recognize the unique aspects of each network. This ensures each customer stays relevant to their market, enhances network efficiency, maximizes ROI and delivers real value to its customers.


Our managed service offerings provide a number of unique benefits:

  • As an independent supplier we have no equipment vendor bias or interest in expanding network infrastructure
  • Extensive global multi-vendor experience means we are experts on all vendor equipment and not just our own.
  • A comprehensive tools portfolio covering network planning, optimization, monitoring, analytics, configuration, and assurance provides us with capabilities unmatched by consultants alone.
  • A single partner covering all aspects of the manged service ensures a consistent way of working, a single set of tools and standardized KPI reporting across the whole network, irrespective of the equipment vendor.

Case Study – Planning and optimization managed service success

TEOCO was awarded a managed service to perform all radio design, optimization, network performance and customer experience management whilst improving KPIs and KQIs. We deployed state of the art tools and solutions operated by a team of over 90 RF consultants and field test agents. The scope of the project is outlined in the diagram below.

Managed services high level scope

After the initial 18 months of the project TEOCO had reached a number of significant milestones:

  • Exceeded overall target of 15% KPI improvement.
  • Large scale spectrum optimization performed while at a minimum maintaining KPIs.
  • 16 LTE features trialed and tuned.
  • VoLTE activated and tuned across most of the country.
  • LTE Advanced trial successfully completed.

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about some of the successful managed services projects we are involved in and how we can help you please contact us. Alternatively if you are not looking for a full managed service you can learn more about the rest of our consulting services here.

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