Configuration Management

As new technologies and equipment are introduced into networks, the accuracy and validation of Radio Access Network (RAN) configuration changes are critical to ensure healthy network operations and excellent customer quality of experience.

When it comes to RAN configuration management:

  • Are you confident your radio network is configured as you intended? Misconfiguration is one of the primary causes of poor network performance.
  • Are you able to identify network configuration issues which could be causing a loss of revenue?
  • Are you confident that the network changes suggested by your planning and optimization solutions have been correctly implemented in the network? If not the investment in these tools is being wasted.

SmartCM was built to address these and many other configuration management challenges.

SmartCM enables engineers to monitor and improve network quality by providing visibility to the live network configuration. It compares the Live network configuration with a desired Plan network baseline and highlights configuration discrepancies – a primary cause of poor network performance.

In addition it ensures network integrity is maintained by continuously monitoring, auditing, updating and reporting on changes made to the network by engineers, tools and even managed service providers. It is vendor and technology-agnostic and supports GSM, UMTS and LTE network infrastructure and radio technologies, from the major network equipment vendors.

SmartCM dashboards and reports provide network configuration health visibility. Engineers can efficiently investigate network performance issues by browsing discrepancies and history logs. Troubleshooting is further simplified by color coding entities in the network tree according to their configuration health. Business rules and templates allow efficient management of default network configurations. Network update script creation ensures discrepancies can be resolved at the click of a button.

Learn more about SmartCM here.




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