As CSPs roll out and evolve to IP only voice call networks, the quality of VoLTE calls are critical to ensure customer satisfaction and to help control churn with VoIP service. Subscribers are demanding the same high quality and reliability of voice calls over IP as they were accustomed to with circuit switched voice technologies.

Accelerate VoLTE adoption with INsync

Providing quality VoLTE calls allows CSPs to offer lower cost voice calls and reduced operational cost.

TEOCO’s INsync solution is an end to end VoLTE analytics solutions. VoLTE calls can be monitored and troubleshoot end to end from RAN through to EPC to IMS, for each event across 2G/3G/VoIP/VoWifi technologies.

Intuitive assurance, analytics and troubleshooting for;

  • Each subscriber VoLTE call with ladder diagrams for quicker troubleshooting
  • Every event of every VoLTE call
  • All user and control plane events
  • Seamless across all technologies
  • Automated anomaly detection to reduce manual labour for OPEX reduction
  • Support for Virtualized IMS environment
  • VoLTE – VoWiFi handoff visibility

TEOCO’s INsync end to end VoLTE solution.


TEOCO INsync VoLTE end to end solution


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