Video streaming is the bulk of data used by subscribers today with video encryption soon to reach 100%. TEOCO’s INsync video analytics solution helps CSPs with their evolution from CSP to DSP providing actionable insights and analytics of encrypted video.

Operators moving into adjacent businesses such as content Media in search of new opportunities and revenue streams may be good for business, but all this change is creating a lot more complexity, and more data. Our cutting edge analytics platform QCella delivers business value with real-time media analytics for subscribers and network experience & behavior.

We help CSPs to better understand video with a 360 degree end-to-end capability of insights, trends and impact that encrypted data has on their networks and their subscribers.

Our solution automatically detects

  • OTT video Apps trends and patterns
  • Encrypted / Un-encrypted video insights
  • Behavior across various video apps
  • Device distribution of delivered video

End to end actionable video insights; understanding and insights to control video trends.

TEOCO INsync encrypted video analytics solution

Reduce Video analytics  OPEX and CAPEX

INsync supports mobile (2G, 3G, LTE, LTE-A, 5G), Wi-Fi, video and fixed line services across the same analytics platform for all stakeholders. This is achieved by using advanced analysis with anomaly detection, proactive notifications, auto discovery, MOS and forecasting. INsync delivers actionable intelligence to enable CSPs around the globe do more with less CAPEX and OPEX.

Fundamentally built on the premise that 100% of the traffic will be encrypted, INsync leverages state-of-the-art advanced heuristics and machine learning to detect Apps that utilize encrypted flows, so that service level objectives can be enforced and quality can be ensured.  It monitors, diagnoses, predicts and protects networks, providing real-time insight, performing root cause analysis and trouble-shooting to isolate issues across network vs content provider vs device vs dimensions (such as location).


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